# 04 Easy with the microwave! soy green tea recipe

#04 電子レンジで簡単!soy green teaレシピ

I want to drink tea easily with a tea bag!

When drinking tea in a tea bag, I think it is common to boil water and put a tea bag in it. But when boiling water is a hassle, why not try brewing it easily in the microwave?

This time, I will introduce soy green tea using CHA938's green tea bag. Easy, delicious and healthy! This is a rough recipe for the CHA938 staff, but I hope it will be helpful!

How to make soy green tea

This time, I used "Hishito no Yabukita" as the tea bag for tea.


・ One of his tea bags from Hishito's bag

・ Water 50-100ml (if you like)

・ Soy milk 100 ml

1. Put 50-100ml of water and one tea bag in a cup

2. Heat in a microwave oven at 600W for 1 minute

When heated, water will spring up, so please adjust while looking into it.

3. Leave for about 1 minute (steam)

When I heated it in the microwave, I was able to extract it like this! This time I tried it with 50 ml of water, but it came out so thick that it seems that about 100 ml can be used. Please adjust it to your liking. Please leave the tea bag in it.

4. Add 100 ml of soy milk

5. Heat in a microwave oven 600W for 1 minute and 30 seconds


600W, it took 1 minute and 30 seconds to reach a temperature where my body seemed to warm up. If you like lukewarm, such as children, you may want to warm it up a little shorter.

▼ ▼ ▼

soy green tea is completed! !! !!

Please take out the tea bag before drinking. For those who usually drink sweet black tea, it looks delicious even if you add a little sweetness such as sugar or honey. I received it as it is. I made it for the first time, but it goes well with green tea and soy milk! !! !! Soy milk seems to win the color, but the taste is not defeated. I would like everyone to try it. Each CHA938 green tea bag contains 4g, so I think you can extract a lot. You may be able to make one tea bag for two people, or one CHA938 bottle. Of course, it looks delicious even if it is made from milk, but it may be good to make it from almond milk or oat milk. If it's the same food, I'm happy that it's healthy and natural. If I try to make it again, I would like to report it on this blog.

It's very easy and doesn't use fire, so please try it with your children.

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