# 05 Are the ingredients different depending on the type of tea?

#05 お茶の種類によって原料は違うの?

There are various types of tea, such as "green tea," "oolong tea," "black tea," "genmaicha," and so on.

These teas are made by picking and processing the same "tea tree" buds, only the manufacturing method is different.

In other words, it's the same!

The difference is the "manufacturing method".

It is roughly divided into three types: "green tea (non-fermented tea)", "black tea (fermented tea)", and "oolong tea (semi-fermented tea)".

Green tea is further divided into "steamed" and "kamairicha".

In addition, if you add the production area, production time / season, production method, product type, etc., there are innumerable types of tea to meet many tastes.

The tea mainly handled by CHA938 is "Fukamushi Sencha".

Tea leaves are steamed for a long time to reduce astringency and give a mild taste.


・ A flavorful "brown rice tea" that is a mixture of rice roasted at high pressure and has a perfect aroma of fragrant brown rice

"Aged Bancha", a low caffeine that warms the body and is aged for 3 years and roasted at high temperature

We handle

, etc.

All of them are made from the same tea leaves, but the taste changes depending on the manufacturing method.

The taste may differ depending on the variety of tea tree (Yabukita, Saemidori, etc.).

Please try and compare various drinks.

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