Don't be afraid, straight, natural
Young successors of tea-grass farming.

In order to continue and inherit the "tea-grass farming method", it is important to improve the motivation of tea farmers who are the managers of the tea-grass farm and to train the leaders. We interviewed young producers who will be responsible for making tea in the future at the actual tea-grass farming site. Those who were born in Higashiyama, who once left their hometown to go on to university or get a job, or those who got a job at a company and saw tea from a different perspective, absorb their experiences within themselves and work flexibly on agriculture. Young producers who are out. With a passion inside, he accepted nature without any hesitation, and while talking with nature, he looked straight ahead.

As a producer of tea-grass farming method, inherit the will of the predecessor

Yoshiki Sugiyama


3 years of farming / 32 years old / Higashiyama Tea Industry Association

I want to spread the tea-grass farming method to the world

Hiroki Kitajima


11 years of farming / 34 years old / Higashiyama Tea Industry Association affiliation

Continue to produce convincing tea while coexisting with nature

Mr. Kenmei Matsuura


13 years of farming / 36 years old / Fuji Higashi affiliation

Thoughts on creating a tea plantation for pesticide-free cultivated tea

Yoshiharu Matsushita (Matsushitaen)


Founded 107 years / 66 years old / Representative Matsushitaen