#05 お茶の種類によって原料は違うの?

# 05 Are the ingredients different depending on the type of tea?

There are various types of tea, such as "green tea," "oolong tea," "black tea," "genmaicha," and so on. These teas are made by picking and processing the same "tea tree" buds, only the manufacturing method is different. In other words, it's the same! The difference is the "manufacturing method". It is roughly divided into three types: "green tea (non-fermented tea)", "black tea (fermented tea)", and "oolong tea (semi-fermented tea)". Green tea is further divided into "steamed" and "kamairicha". In addition, if you add the production area, production time / season, production method, product type, etc., there are innumerable types of...

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#04 電子レンジで簡単!soy green teaレシピ

# 04 Easy with the microwave! soy green tea recipe

I want to drink tea easily with a tea bag! But when boiling water is a hassle, why not use a microwave to easily brew it? This time, I will introduce soy green tea made using CHA938's green tea bag. Easy, delicious and healthy!

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#03 ティーバッグのお茶の淹れ方(水出しVer.)

# 03 How to make tea in a tea bag (watering Ver.)

What do you think of when you think of a tea bag for tea? Many people think of a flat type with a string.

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#01 東山の重鎮に聞いた! 地元のスピリット「茶文字」

# 01 I asked a heavyweight in Higashiyama! The local spirit "brown letters"

Have you ever seen the word "tea" that clearly emerges on the mountain surface just around Kakegawa from the train windows running on the Shinkansen and the Tomei Expressway and the sky above the airport? The horizontal bar of this brown character, Kusakanmuri, is 130 meters. Some locals say that you can tell your position by the direction and size of the word "tea".

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