Started handling low-carbohydrate sweets

CHA938 has started handling low-carbohydrate sweets that are kind to the body. All of them use plenty of tea cultivated by the tea-grass farming method. Please enjoy it with tea made by the tea-grass farming method, which is an eco-friendly cultivation method. ■ Set product CHA938 SWEETS BOX 1 CHA938 SWEETS BOX 2 ■ Single item [Low-Carb] Green Tea Gateau Chocolate [Low-Carb] Green Tea Cheese Butter Sandwich

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Free gift wrapping

For gifts to loved ones. We accept gift wrapping free of charge. You can also attach a message card, so please use it. If you wish to wrap more than one, please specify the individual combination in the remarks column at the time of purchase procedure Please note that the type of wrapping will be decided here depending on the shape of the item. If you think that the wrapping cannot be kept clean during shipping due to the shape of the item and the shipping method, we will include a paper bag for wrapping, so please put it in...

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Published in "CREA"

It was published in a separate volume of the magazine "CREA" released today on June 7th. This separate volume is "Order to enjoy summer at home". Please pick it up and take a look. There are many things that look delicious.

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An interview with Yoshiharu Matsushita (Matsushitaen), who won the Minister's Award of the National Tea Fair, has been added.

Interview with Yoshiharu Matsushita representative of Matsushitaen, who won the Minister's Award at the 75th National Tea Fair (Fukamushicha) I was allowed to. Click here for the interview video

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