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Tea-grass field tea

It is said that the taste and aroma of tea can be improved by the tea-grass farming method in which the ridges of the tea plantation are cut.
Please try the products that have taken "a lot of effort" to make delicious tea.

Shizuoka tea-grass farming method

"Tea-grass farming method" is a traditional farming method in which pampas grass and bamboo grass are laid in the furrows of a tea plantation, and it used to be a common satoyama landscape that was seen everywhere in Japan. Due to the modernization of agriculture and people's lives, this farming method has been declining, and is currently being continued only in the limited areas of Kakegawa City, Kikugawa City, Shimada City, Makinohara City, and Kawanehon Town in Shizuoka Prefecture. increase. A typical example is the Higashiyama district in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Voice of the producer

In order to continue and inherit the "tea grass field farming method", it is important to improve the motivation of tea farmers who are the managers of the tea plantation and to train the leaders. We interviewed young producers who will be responsible for making tea in the future at the actual tea-grass farming site. Those who were born in Higashiyama, who once left their hometown to go on to university or get a job, or those who got a job at a company and saw tea from a different perspective, absorb their experiences within themselves and work flexibly on agriculture. Young producers who are out.




CHA938の身体に優しい低糖質スイーツにマドレーヌが仲間入りしました。 どれも茶草場農法で栽培されたお茶をふんだんに使用しています。 自然に優しい栽培方法である茶草場農法で作られたお茶と一緒に、ぜひお召し上がりください。 ・アールグレイ和紅茶のマドレーヌ ・ほうじ茶のマドレーヌ


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CHA938 has started handling low-carbohydrate sweets that are kind to the body. All of them use plenty of tea cultivated...


Free gift wrapping

For gifts to loved ones. We accept gift wrapping free of charge. You can also attach a message card, so...


#05 お茶の種類によって原料は違うの?

# 05 Are the ingredients different depending on the type of tea?

There are various types of tea, such as "green tea," "oolong tea," "black tea," "genmaicha," and so on. These teas...

#04 電子レンジで簡単!soy green teaレシピ

# 04 Easy with the microwave! soy green tea recipe

I want to drink tea easily with a tea bag! But when boiling water is a hassle, why not use a microwave to easily brew it? This time, I will introduce soy green tea made using CHA938's green tea bag. Easy, delicious and healthy!
#03 ティーバッグのお茶の淹れ方(水出しVer.)

# 03 How to make tea in a tea bag (watering Ver.)

What do you think of when you think of a tea bag for tea? Many people think of a flat type with a string.