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[Free shipping] Shandong Yabukita sample

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[Free shipping on cat POS] CHA938 SPECIALITY SET

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From the PACK teas available at CHA938, we will select 4 types of recommendations at CHA938 and deliver them free of charge.

Look forward to what you receive.

* You cannot choose the type of tea.

* It will be delivered by Nekoposu.

* If other products are purchased at the same time, the cat POS will not be free shipping.

* You can drink with the tea bag inside.

* Tea bags use the biomass material "Soilon" made from plant starch. It is an environmentally friendly material that does not emit microplastic unlike general tea bags.

* Products with the "Biodiversity Conservation Contribution Sticker" certified by tea-grass farming practitioners have a mechanism in which a part of the purchase price is returned to the practitioner.

Shandong Yabukita, Fujito Yabukita, Hishito Yabukita, Hishito Saedori / Ingredient name: Green tea / Ingredient origin: Japan / Contents: 28g (4g ×) 7)

Matsushitaen's organic aged bancha / Ingredient name: Organic green tea / Ingredient origin: Made in Japan / Contents: 25g (5g x 5)

Matsushitaen's Organic Matcha Genmaicha / Ingredients: Organic Green Tea, Organic Matcha, Organic Uruchi / Ingredients Origin: Japan / Contents: 20g (4g x 5)

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